In this South Texas Sinus Institute “Medical Minute,” Dr. Vincent Honrubia explains what balloon sinuplasty is, and how it can help those who suffer from chronic sinusitis.

Video Transcript:
The South Texas Sinus Institute: Solving sinus problems and treating ear, nose, and throat conditions.

Hi. I’m Dr. Honrubia with the South Texas Sinus Institute. Balloon sinuplasty is a new treatment for sinusitis that allows us to compress tissue in your nose to create more space. Traditionally, we would go in your nose and remove a bunch of tissue requiring packing, bleeding, etc. Now we are able to go in with balloons, compress tissue by simply blowing the balloon up in a particular area of the nose that the cures the problem with no bleeding with no bleeding, no packing, and no scarring.

This procedure is done in the office. It is very easy, it is painless, and it enables us to be able to correct your sinus problem in a 15 to 20 minute procedure. A revolutionary new technique for the treatment of chronic sinusitis. From the South Texas Sinus Institute, I am Dr. Vincent Honrubia.

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