In this South Texas Sinus Institute “Medical Minute,” Blake Hensler, MPAS, P.A.-C, explains what chronic sinusitis is, including the symptoms and how we use balloon sinuplasty to solve this problem.

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Hello. I’m Blake Hensler with the South Texas Sinus Institute. We are often asked, “What is chronic sinusitis and is there a cure?”

Chronic sinusitis is an inflammatory condition of the sinus cavities. The sinus cavities are hollow cavities that surround the left and right eye. Extreme nasal congestion usually follows. The chronic congestion decreases airflow entering the sinuses resulting in inflamed sinus cavities. This congestion can cause headaches, pressure around the eyes, and lead to infection.

Fortunately we now have an effective solution for chronic sinusitis. It is called balloon sinuplasty. It is a procedure that takes 15 to 20 minutes that usually gets the sinus back to normal function. That means breathing normal, sleeping normal, and elimination of sinus headaches. For South Texas Sinus Institute, I am Blake Hensler.

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