STSI Medical Minute – The Honrubia Technique for Balloon Sinuplasty

In this South Texas Sinus Institute “Medical Minute,” Blake Hensler, MPAS, P.A.-C, explains how the innovative Honrubia Technique for Balloon Sinuplasty can solve your chronic sinus problems.

Video Transcript:
The South Texas Sinus Institute: Solving sinus problems and treating ear, nose, and throat conditions.

Hello. I’m Blake Hensler with the South Texas Sinus Institute. Today I’d like to talk about a breakthrough sinus procedure, the Honrubia Balloon Sinuplasty Technique. The Honrubia Balloon Sinuplasty Technique is a revolutionary treatment that is an effective, minimally invasive technique for treating chronic sinusitis that involves minimal tissue removal and less pain allowing patients a quicker recovery than traditional sinus surgery.

The Honrubia Technique is based on placing the comfort and safety of the patients first. With the Honrubia Technique, balloon sinuplasty surgery is done under anesthesia. This ensures the patients have a relaxing, positive experience and is much more effective than traditional local anesthetic. So if you are suffering from sinusitis there is a cure and there is a solution. For South Texas Sinus Institute, I am Blake Hensler.

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